Microsoft Intune Features integrate compliance capabilities

Microsoft Intune Portal integrates management capabilities for enterprise mobility that lets organizations manage their mobile devices.

With Office 365 Intune, you can protect your data with integrated data protection and capabilities that will enable productivity to your employees.


Key Benefits:

Protection of Data

Secures business documents, corporate data, emails and enrollment status of any device.

Excellent Support

You can get answers to your questions right away without the hassle of waiting for an available support.

Flexible Licensing

You can spend less time counting devices by the most cost-effective way.

Management of Mobile Apps

Increase mobile productivity by accessing corporate resources.

Office 365 Portal lets you manage browser policies that allow and restrict a list of website that users can visit. It’s a way that users will not be able to visit untrusted and expired certificates that most websites have. Instead, you can create a list of allowed websites that you want them to visit.